Event #3: $340 Survivor ($300 + $40)
Tue, Apr 9 - 7 PM
Starting Stack: 20k
Blinds: 20 Min
Late Entry: 6 Levels (~9:15 PM)

The third event on the jam-packed opening day is the $340 Survivor. Unlike a regular MTT, this one will play more like a satellite with the main difference being that, instead of tickets at the end, the top 10% of players will all chop the prize pool evenly once the bubble bursts.

The action gets going at 7 PM and players will have about 2 hours and 15 minutes to enter or rebuy before entries shut down after the break following Level 6. Blinds will increase every 20 minutes and players sit down with 20k in chips.

Most of my attention will be focused on Event #1 until it finishes, after which I plan to move to the endgame of Event #2. My guess is that this game ends before Event #2 does, so it doesn't seem likely this one will get much attention. I will do my best to keep the numbers updated and I'll get results posted on Wednesday.