Cash Game Festival beats records in Gib; next stop Malta
Monday 22nd May, 2017

Cash Game Festival beats records in Gib; next stop Malta

By Mad Harper

The 2017 Cash Game Festival Gibraltar at Sunborn Casino was a huge success with records being set and tied.


Not long to wait until the next Cash Game Festival Gibraltar: next month with Cash Game Festival Malta from June 14-18. We’re the tour’s Official Travel Partner so let us help you find great accommodation on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

 Cash Game Festival Gibraltar set a new casino record with eight cash game tables in play at one point. On the early televised feature table on Day 5 of the festival, Norway's Knut Rysstad won nearly £2,000 on a £1/£2 no-limit hold'em table. This was the most out of anyone else on the table, making him the biggest winner three times on the feature table during the festival. This feat has only been accomplished once before when Italy's Federico Drassich triumphed during the 2017 Cash Game Festival Slovenia at Perla Casino in March.


Cash Game Festival events are a lot of fun and a must for any player who enjoys the thrills of the cash game tables! Recreational and pro players alike are able to enjoy great cash game action throughout in a variety of poker variants including no-limit hold'em, pot-limit Omaha, ROE (round of each of NLHE & PLO), pineapple open-face Chinese Poker and Sviten Special (also known as Drawmaha).


Cash Game Festival events are more than just about poker - with many events planned off the felts. During the Gibraltar festival, players enjoyed a whale and dolphin sightseeing boat trip, welcome drinks, a fancy dinner, a pool party, a late-night VIP party and a tour up the famous Rock of Gibraltar where they got to check out an awesome view and mingle with the area's famous monkeys.


Cash Game Festival Malta offers more on- and off-the-felt fun - June 14-18 at Casino Malta hosted by Olympic Casino.

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