Sunday 22nd May, 2016

MainEventTravel Dollar Delivery

By Mark Valentine

Do you need US Dollars in Vegas this summer?

 As we all know, it can be a real hassle to get large quantities of US Dollars in Las Vegas every summer. At MainEventTravel we have an easy and cost effective solution that can help you remove the difficulties of getting your bankroll in cash.

 Our new Dollar Delivery service means that we can lock down a competitive rate for you and deliver the cash to you in person*, to save you carrying large quantities, or being restricted to only getting a percentage of your requirements in cash.

 We can accept funds in GBP & EUR, convert it to USD and hand over your Dollars at a place and time that is convenient to you in Las Vegas. In fact, even if you have an overseas US Dollar account, we can deliver those Dollars to your account for a small fee.

 If you don’t want to carry large amounts of cash to Vegas, and want to take advantage of this service, please contact us at lasvegas@maineventtravel.com with your name and contact number for an up to date quote**.

 *Initial bank transfers will require to be done by Wire Transfer and for new customers will require completion of KYC data.
**For quantities between $10,000-$100,000 GBP > USD is normally 2% of the xe.com rate for transfer, conversion and delivery. This can be reduced to 1.5% for anyone booking rooms through MainEventTravel. For quantities above and below this rate, or non-GBP conversions different rates apply.
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