Monday 30th April, 2018

Need cash in Vegas this summer? Check out our Dollar Delivery service

By Mad Harper

As we all know, it can be a major hassle sorting out large quantities of US dollars in Las Vegas every summer. No one wants to travel with wads of cash and trying to transfer or exchange money once you’re there can be a real headache.

To sort out your dollars this summer, and take advantage of our personal on-site delivery service, just email lasvegas@maineventtravel.com. With literally hundreds of tournaments taking place between May 30 and the end of July, there has never been a better time to visit “Sin City”.

As poker players ourselves, we know that getting your hands on your bankroll in cash is a #1 priority. At MainEventTravel, we have an easy and cost effective solution that can help you remove the difficulties of getting hold of dollars in cash in Vegas.

Even better, we offer a discount on our rate for everyone booking accommodation through MainEventTravel**.

Our bespoke Dollar Delivery service means that we will lock down a competitive rate for you whenever you want – and then deliver the cash to you, reliably, in person*. This means you no longer have to worry about carrying large quantities of cash and won’t be restricted to only getting a percentage of what you actually need!

We can accept funds in £ sterling (GBP) and/or Euros (EUR), convert it to dollars (USD) and hand over your money at a place and time that is convenient to you once you’re in Las Vegas.

No one wants to carry large amounts of cash to Vegas so our Dollar Delivery service is a real bonus for anyone holidaying or competing in Las Vegas this summer. It’s easy to set up – just contact us at lasvegas@maineventtravel.com with your contact details and we’ll give you an up to date and competitive quote**.

 *Initial bank transfers will require to be done by Wire Transfer and for new customers will require completion of Know Your Customer (KYC) data.

**For quantities between $10,000-$100,000 GBP > USD, our rate is the xe.com rate less 2%, covering transfer, conversion and personal delivery. This can be reduced to 1.5% for anyone booking rooms through MainEventTravel. For quantities above and below this rate (or non-GBP/EUR conversions) different rates apply.

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