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Main Event Travel News

June 2024

Ten Weeks to EPT Barcelona

With EPT Barcelona just 10 weeks away, now is the time to start thinking about booking your accommodation!

Goliath Ladies Event Package Giveaway

Two Lucky Lasses will win their way to the event this year by sharing details about the event and the promotion with a female friend, and women players world-wide.

 James Jones wins GUKPT Leeds

Cash game player James Jones has won the £1,000 GUKPT Leeds Main Event for £36,150. Jones, who came into the final as one of the shorter stacks, defeating John Bousfield heads-up to secure his first-ever GUKPT trophy.

Win a Package in our ‘Get Me To Goliath’ Giveaway

If you're heading to the upcoming Goliath in Coventry, you don’t have to spend a fortune on accommodation.

May 2024

Give Dad the Gift of Poker Travel this Father’s Day!

Bored of giving your Poker loving Papa suited socks and ties? Elevate your Gift-Giving Game with MainEventTravel.com Gift Vouchers and give the ol’ man a pressie he won’t forget!

WSOP 2024 Payout Changes and How to Get More Bang For Your Buck Up Top!

New payout structures have been announced for WSOP 2024, giving players who make the money but miss out on deep runs and FT more than previous years.

WSOP Payout Changes and MET's FinalTableFreeroll

Main EventTravel.com adds value to all WSOP Live Event Final Tablists with the exclusive #FinalTableFreeroll promotion.

Turn your trip to UKIPT Malaga into a real Playcation

Turn your trip to UKIPT Malaga into a real Playcation! Check out our hotels for UKIPT Malaga and just change the default dates in the search area to give yourself a longer holiday.

Book UKIPT Malaga Hotels & Flights with MET

MainEventTravel has plentiful accommodation options near the Benalmadena venue and a ton of budget flights from airports all over the UK on MET website.

Debut UKIPT Malaga set to attract huge numbers

A real treat is in store for sun-lovers next month with the debut of PokerStars’ UKIPT Malaga event.

Portugal is the Perfect Location for a Poker Playcation this Summer!

Book a Playcation in Portugal this Summer with MainEventTravel.com and enjoy sun, fun, and poker along a 13km stretch of pristine sands and crystal-clear waters.

There are two ways to avoid Vegas FOMO this Summer!

If you want to avoid LVFOMO this Summer, either get your skates on and ook your Vegas trip now, or just book yourself a trip to one of the many fantastic poker festivals taking place in Europe, or elsewhere around the world!

Pay When You Stay

The MainEventTravel.com team is continuously working behind the scenes to enhance the booking platform to offer the best experience for poker travelers, including Pay When You Stay Hotel booking options

DTD hosts the first UK EAPT this month, and we have a Package to giveaway to get one of you to this event!

The EAPT schedule offers major cup events and satellites, as well as side turbo tournaments in the evenings. Running Friday 17th - Monday 27th May, 2024, UK poker fans will be treated to an extensive 11-day series of poker events at one of the country's top poker clubs

Book Vegas Travel Using Luxon Pay and Get 5% Back!

With the WSOP Main Event just 8 weeks away, take advantage of MainEventTravel.com's fantastic rates and offers in Vegas baby! 

MainEventTravel.com featured in PokerNews as Vegas Poker Travel Experts!

MainEventTravel.com has been featured in PokerNews as The Trip Leader If You're Heading to Vegas for the 2024 WSOP!

Lon McEachern is the Voice of MainEventTravel.com

You can watch the video clips featuring the Voice of Poker AND the Voice of MainEventTravel.com across the MainEventTravel.com media platforms.

April 2024

All change at the Vic!

With events being relocated due to refurb, MainEventTravel has your back with great accommodation options near all the Grosvenor Casinos selected.

Geraghty wins 888poker LIVE UKPL Manchester

Scottish player Jamie Geraghty has won the 888poker LIVE UKPL Manchester Main Event for the biggest cash of his live poker career. Geraghty won £30,610 after outlasting a 328-entry field – and beating Josh Radley heads-up.

Win a Portugal Adventure Package including Accommodation + Main Event!

We are so excited about the festival that MET has organised a 5-Night hotel + Buy-in Playcation Package to Giveaway! 

Mcaulay wins GUKPT Edinburgh

Huge congratulations to Scottish player Paul Mcaulay who has won GUKPT Edinburgh for £34,110. Mcaulay, who runs a flooring company near Glasgow, beat 2022 Player of the Year Matt Davenport heads-up to secure his first major tournament victory. There were 184 entries creating a prize pool of £153,980.

It’s All About Cyprus as MET Gets Players to EAPT & MPP with Hotels, Packages, Flights, AND a Giveaway! 

MainEventTravel.com has a $2200 Value Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Package Giveaway for you! 

The GPI Nominated Malta Poker Festival is 2 weeks away!!!

MainEventTravel.com offers exclusive VIP Packages and Room Rates, ATOL Protected Flights, Buy-ins, and Off-the-Felt Activity tickets.

Win a Package for the 'FLIGHT TO MPP' at DTD with MainEventTravel.com

 The £340 Buy-in Flight To MPP plays as a Mystery Bounty where all players who make Day 2 will be playing for bounties, which include MPP Cyprus Packages and cash prizes, as well as a standard payout. 

MainEventTravel.com offers EAPT Cyprus & MPP Packages, Hotels & Buy-ins at the Luxurious 5* Merit Hotel & Spa

With nearly $10,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools, this event is expected to exceed all expectations and MET is here to offer players the trip of a lifetime!

2024 Irish Open Breaks Records

Players traveled from far and wide to attend Europe’s longest-running and largest poker festival.

March 2024

Main Event Travel.com Offers IPT's Portugal Adventure Travel this Summer!

MainEventTravel.com is excited to extend some fantastic offers on Packages, Hotels, and ATOL-Protected Flights as well as Buy-ins for this festival set along a 13km stretch of pristine sands and crystal-clear waters.

Malta Madness is in effect, get 5% back when you book a Malta Hotel using Luxon Pay

Book a Hotel in Malta to stay 4 nights or more in April using Luxon Pay at checkout between now and the 27th of March for the Malta Poker Festival, EAPT Malta, or Battle of Malta and get 5% back in future travel credit.  

April's #FinalTableFreeroll Eligible Events!

April is shaping up to be another exciting month of many poker tournaments that are included in our exclusive promotion - #FinalTableFreeroll. The tournaments for April span not only the UK and Europe but also worldwide!

Nominate a Gal Pal to Win a Malta Poker Festival Ladies First VIP Package

MPF has teamed up with MET to GIVEAWAY a 5* Malta Poker Festival Ladies First VIP Package for Two as part of an ongoing initiative to promote, elevate, and celebrate women in poker around the world.

GUKPT Blackpool Schedule, Hotels & FTF

The third leg of Grosvenor’s GUKPT tour starts this week in Blackpool with an action-packed schedule.

Win Your Way to MPF this Spring at The Hippodrome London

Hippodrome Casino London will be hosting the first ever MPF Grand Event Remote Day 1 on Saturday 16th March as part of the March Madness mini-festival.

Let MET take you to Value Town with some truly amazing offers for the €500k GPP SPM Nova Gorica

There are less than 3 weeks until the SPM at the Perla Resort with €500,000 guaranteed Main Event and €20,000 in Bonus Prizes!

Win a £500 Value Hippodrome Mystery Bounty Package

The Hippodrome Casino London has an exciting March Madness mini-festival this month, and MET has an exciting offer for you to attend!

EAPT heads to Malta with a total guarantee of over €300,000

The EAPT continues its European tour. The next stop is Malta at the island nation's capital from April 5-10 with a total guarantee of over €300,000.

Luxon Pay Irish Open Booking Promotion Extended to 8th March

Book any Pre-paid Hotel between now and midnight Friday March 8th for 4 nights or more using Luxon Pay at checkout to stay in Dublin during the Irish Open, and we’ll give you 5% back in future travel credit.

There is still time to book Malta Poker Festival VIP Packages, Hotels, and Flights at great rates!

MET is offering some fantastic accommodation options situated just minutes away from the Portomaso Casino and looks forward to welcoming players!

Get 5% Back When You Book Irish Open Accommodation

Whether you crave proximity to the Dublin party scene, seek respite from bad beat stories, prefer budget-friendly options, or never make it to breakfast anyway, MET has great offers on Hotels in Dublin!

February 2024

Last Chance to Book Exclusive, Deeply Discounted Rooms at Clayton Ballsbridge for Irish Open

MET still has a few rooms available for Irish Open players at an exclusive, discounted rate of €179 per night Single B&B and €189 per night Double B&B.

With Six Weeks to go Now is the Time to Book Irish Open Hotels!

MainEventTravel.com is offering amazing rates on Irish Open Hotels from €117 per night and Hotel + Buy-in Packages from €1089!

Malta Poker Festival Package Winner Heading to Malta VIP Style!

Marcos Ramon Aran Calvo will be heading to Malta Poker Festival in VIP style in April after winning an amazing €2,000 VIP Package in a MainEventTravel giveaway.

Meli wins GUKPT Manchester; up next UK Poker Open + GUKPT Blackpool

French player Vince Meli has won the GUKPT Manchester Main Event at the second leg of this year’s GUKPT. He scored £83,895 after beating Tom Laghzaoui heads-up.

Check out UK Poker Open Coventry Schedule and Accommodation

Last year the UK Poker Open immediately broke records as the biggest Grosvenor tournament ever held.

Win back up to 100% of your MET Tournament Travel in the #FinalTableFreeroll next month!

March presents an exciting lineup of dozens of poker tournaments featured in MainEventTravel's exclusive promotion – #FinalTableFreeroll!

Elevate your Gift-Giving Game with MainEventTravel.com!

Why settle for red roses when you can share red hearts (and diamonds!) and Gift the Poker People you love with a HEART-WARMING EXPERIENCE?

January 2024

Win your way to Malta Poker Festival this Spring, VIP Style!

WIN a 5* VIP MPF Grand Event Prize Package valued at nearly €2050 with MPF & MET!

The EAPT heads to Madrid with MET as Official Travel Partner

The EAPT  returns to Spain to once again give poker fans the chance to win hundreds of thousands of euros and trips to Cyprus. 

MainEventTravel.com Launches Pay When You Stay!

You asked for it! We delivered! MainEventTravel.com offers Pay When You Stay hotels making Poker Travel booking even easier and more flexible!

Jamie Le wins first-ever UKPL Main Event

Congratulations to the first-ever UKPL Main Event Champion, Jamie Le. He beat the 371-entry field in Coventry, to take home the first-place prize of £37,605!

February Offers Exciting Opportunities for potential #FinalTableFreeroll Winners

Wherever in the world you’re planning to play poker in February, don’t forget to take part in MainEventTravel’s biggest promotion ever, #FinalTableFreeroll!

Exclusive VIP Packages & Room rates available for Malta Poker Festival Spring 2024

MainEventTravel.com will provide travel solutions to players making their way to the highly anticipated MPF Spring 2024, including exclusive VIP Packages & Room rates. 

Top Hotel Recommendations for UKPC Nottingham

Heading to Nottingham for the upcoming UKPC? Here are some of our top hotel recommendations – all the properties are an easy drive/cab ride from the Dusk Till Dawn venue.

MET joins forces with DTD and GGPoker to Giveaway UKPC Packages!

As the Official Travel Partner of Dusk Till Dawn, MET has partnered with UKPC to send two players to the event with a Buy-in and Travel Package.

Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome Casino is home to PokerStars LIVE, a partnership that ensures exemplary standards when it comes to hosting cash games and tournaments.

The Poker Room at the Vic

The Vic has legendary status for poker players with one of the longest-running and busiest card rooms in the capital. The Poker Room, which officially opened in 2013 after a full renovation.

Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City

Aspers’ prestigious Stratford casino in London’s East End goes from strength to strength as a top poker destination. It’s the biggest card room in London with warm and friendly staff.

Empire Casino, Leicester Square

The Empire Casino offers a busy roster of daily tournaments including a £108 tournament with unlimited re-entries which kicks off at noon every Sunday (apart from the first of the month.)

MET Offers Best Rates Available For 2024 Irish Open Hotels & Packages

As Official Travel Partner to the Irish Open once again for 2024, MainEventTravel.com is offering amazing rates on Hotels and Packages.

MainEventTravel.com Continues Travel Partnership with Malta Poker Festival for Spring 2024

MainEventTravel.com is delighted to once again assist players making their way to the Malta Poker Festival for Spring 2024.

Beyond the Strip – day trips from Vegas

With so much to do in Las Vegas itself, it can be hard to find time to explore beyond the city’s borders. However, even if you only have an afternoon spare, it’s well worth renting a car and heading out of town. Las Vegas is surrounded by stunning scenery and places like Lake Mead Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon are within easy driving distance.

Main Event Travel's Vegas Guide: The Linq Promenade

Of all the many newish attractions in Vegas, the Caesars-owned LINQ Promenade has proved one of the most successful: an appealing, tree-lined open-air pedestrian walkway featuring tons of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions.

Hundreds of Opportunities to Win Travel Credit in 2024 with METs #FinalTableFreeroll Promotion

2024 is here and so many amazing poker festivals have already been announced across the globe this year! 

December 2023

Bousfield Celebrates Grosvenor National Poker League Record

While Cal Morreale has been officially announced as the 2023 Grosvenor Player of the Year, it was also an amazing year for serial NPL package winner John Bousfield.

Cal Morreale wins 2023 Grosvenor Player of the Year

Cal Morreale has been officially announced as the 2023 Grosvenor Player of the Year after a sensational year in which he dominated the National Poker League leaderboard right from the outset.

Bag your room now for GUKPT London 2024!

Barely has the dust settled on GUKPT 2023 then it’s time to start planning for the first event of 2024! GUKPT London is taking place at its traditional home – the iconic Poker Room at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino – and will feature a total of 11 different live tournaments from January 4 to 14.


The 2024 WSOP will take place at Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas from May 28 to July 17, 2024, with the Main Event running from July 3 to July 17.

Elevate your Gift-Giving Game with MainEventTravel.com Gift Vouchers!

Why settle for suited socks when you can Gift the Poker People in your life with an EXPERIENCE? Elevate your Gift-Giving Game with MainEventTravel.com and Give the Gift of Travel!

UK Poker Open set for spectacular return in 2024

When the UK Poker Open launched last year, it immediately broke records as the biggest Grosvenor tournament ever held. 2024 is slated to do the same, make your plans now to head to Coventry for this historic event!

November 2023

Have you booked your WPT World Championships Las Vegas travel?

The second WPT World Championships festival kicks off tomorrow November 29 and another massive turnout is expected. are you making your way to Vegas?

EPT Prague starts next week!

With one week to go, the eagerly awaited return of the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) to the captivating city of Prague is imminent! Prague is one of Europe’s oldest and most enchanting cities which boasts a wealth of history, architecture, and culture, making it a beautiful destination. With its rich cultural tapestry, Prague is the perfect winter setting for the final EPT stop of 2023.

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MainEventTravel.com Launches Gift Vouchers

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The 2024 EPT schedule has been announced by PokerStars

Kicking off the 2024 European Poker Tour season is EPT Paris, scheduled from February 14 to 25 at a new venue set to welcome players following the demand at this stop in 2023. The striking Le Palais des Congres, with a capacity of 120 tables, will host the event, allowing for a more extensive festival schedule. 

GUKPT Grand Final beckons – London hotel lowdown!

The GUKPT heads to London for its annual season-ending Grand Final this week, if you haven’t booked your accommodation now is the time to do it!

Congrats to GUKPT Blackpool Champion Ian Gascoigne; next up GUKPT Grand Final!

Financial whizz Ian Gascoigne has won the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event after a series of final table deals with runner-up Callum Gordon and third-placed Josh Radley.

Massive Congrats to WPT Prime Championship Ticket Winners!

Rodrigo Rivelli and Nery Escalona will be heading to Las Vegas in December to play WPT Prime Championship, one of the many tournaments taking place throughout the WPT World Championships festival which kicks off in just 3 weeks!

October 2023

GUKPT Blackpool – The Hotel Low-Down from Grosvenor’s Official Travel Partner

There are just a few weeks before the GUKPT kicks off in the popular Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool. GUKPT Blackpool is running from November 9 to November 19 with a feast of poker action on offer. In addition to the £1,250 GUKPT Blackpool Main Event, which gets underway on November 16, schedule highlights include a £150 + £150 + £30 Mystery Bounty, £250 Mini Main, £2k High Roller and £550 GUKPT Cup.

November promises bumper month for would-be #FinalTableFreeroll winners

Wherever you’re planning to play poker next month, don’t forget to take part in MainEventTravel’s exciting #FinalTableFreeroll promotion! 

UKIPT Nottingham Final – Hotel Lowdown

The final stop of the 2023 UKIPT season gets underway at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham on November 5 and features a £1 million guaranteed Main Event. It’s been an exciting UKIPT season so far with well-attended stops in Blackpool, Brighton and Edinburgh as well as the Summer Festival Malta and the Irish Open in Dublin back in April.

Book Poker Travel to Malta this Weekend!

If the plethora of amazing events isn’t reason enough to book your Malta trip, let us remind you the temperature in October averages 25 Celsius/77 Fahrenheit during the day and 18 Celsius/65 Fahrenheit at night! 

September 2023

That’s a Wrap UKIPT London – Start Planning Your UKIPT Edinburgh Trip With MainEventTravel.com Today!

It’s a quick turnaround for UKIPT fans following a great event in London. There’s now just a month to go before the tour heads north for UKIPT Edinburgh. This will be the UKIPT’s first visit to the Scottish capital since 2015 when Spanish player David Gomez took down the Main Event for nearly £50k.

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UKIPT heading to London After a Fantastic Brighton Event

The hugely successful UKIPT Tour is heading to London next week for another six-day extravaganza in the heart of the capital. UKIPT London – the third UKIPT event of the year – is taking place at the Hippodrome, a landmark casino just off Leicester Square in London’s buzzing West End.

All Eyes on Luton for Next GUKPT

The next big event on the Grosvenor calendar is the GUKPT’s second visit of the year to Luton. The festival gets underway at the Grosvenor Casino on September 14 with a packed line-up of tournaments scheduled.

Last chance to win a 5* Malta Poker Festival VIP Package including Main Event buy-in and travel!

Last chance to get in for the WIN! A Malta Poker Festival VIP Package is up for grabs tomorrow, 6 September!

August 2023

888poker & Grosvenor Team up for Festival in Coventry

888poker LIVE will be holding its first-ever 888Poker LIVE Festival at the Coventry Building Society Arena from October 20 to 29. With a £500,000 guaranteed prize pool up for grabs in the Main Event, the festival promises to be a real high point in this Autumn’s UK poker calendar.

Where will your Poker Travel take you in September?

Poker fans have a lot to look forward to next month with exciting events in the US, Europe, the UK and Asia. Wherever you plan on playing, MainEventTravel has your back with global reach and an innovative calendar feature that makes it easy to organise your poker travel.

Last couple days to be in with a chance to win a GUKPT London Package!

GUKPT London kicks off at the Poker Room at the iconic Grosvenor Victoria Casino this week! MainEventTravel.com has teamed up with Grosvenor Poker to offer players an incredible chance to win a GUKPT London Main Event package worth £1,750.

On the road – poker events this September

Poker fans have a lot to look forward to next month with exciting events in the US, Europe, the UK and Asia.

July 2023

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MainEventTravel.com has teamed up with Grosvenor Poker to offer players an incredible chance to win a GUKPT London Main Event package worth £1,750.

MET announces amazing GUKPT London giveaway as Grosvenor releases exciting London schedule

GUKPT London kicks off at the Poker Room at the iconic Grosvenor Victoria Casino next month and, to celebrate the release of the festival schedule, MainEventTravel.com has teamed up with Grosvenor Poker to offer players an incredible chance to win a GUKPT London Main Event package worth £1,750.

2023 EPT Barcelona – The Hotel Low-Down 

Huge numbers are expected at this year’s EPT Barcelona is taking place from August 21 to September 3 at Casino de Barcelona in the buzzy resort area of Port Olimpic.

Poker Travel in July

Vegas may be capturing most of the poker headlines right now, but there are still plenty of great events happening elsewhere this summer if you’re NOT planning a last-minute trip to Sin City. 

June 2023

And it’s back! The WSOP Super Circuit Heads to London this Summer

The WSOP® is making a very welcome comeback to London this summer with an 18-day Super Circuit extravaganza offering more than £7 million in tournament guarantees.

Poker Pro Barny Boatman is the first player to #FinalTableFreeroll with MainEventTravel

Legendary Londoner Barny Boatman is the first player to take advantage of MainEventTravel.com’s awesome #FinalTableFreeroll promotion!

Win a travel credit worth your ENTIRE 2023 Vegas travel costs booked with MainEventTravel.com this Summer

Win a travel credit worth your ENTIRE Vegas travel costs booked with MainEventTravel.com, and FREEROLL your next Vegas trip!

The International Appeal of Grosvenor Poker’s Goliath, Europe’s Biggest Live Tournament

With an atmosphere more like the World Series than a UK poker tournament, you would expect Goliath to have an eclectic mix of players. And it’s certainly true that, while the majority of Goliath players are from Ireland and the UK, Europe’s biggest live tournament does attract entrants from all over the world. 

2023 Goliath – The Hotel Low-Down

The Goliath festival is taking place in a months time from July 27 to August 6 this year at the Coventry Building Society Arena in the Midlands. A record field is expected so we’re strongly recommending players get a good head-start on room reservations to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Lon McEachern has launched the first video clips as The Voice of MainEventTravel.com

Lon McEachern, known as the Voice of Poker after commentating on the WSOP® for more than 20 years, has launched the first in a series of video clips for MainEventTravel.com.

Unibet Open Plans Massive Bucharest Festival this Winter

The Unibet Open is back again this year with a giant festival planned for Bucharest. The event is taking place at the stunning JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel from November 30 to December 4 and is aiming to break records in the Romanian capital.

May 2023

Golubevs wins WPT500 Main Event at Dusk Till Dawn

The return of the WPT500 at Dusk Till Dawn has been a resounding success with more than 895 entries for the £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. Aleksandrs Golubevs took down the £560 buy-in tourney for a monster first prize of £100,000 after beating Dale Hancock heads-up.

The Voice of Poker Lon McEachern to launch series of video clips for MainEventTravel.com

Lon McEachern, known as the Voice of Poker after commentating on the WSOP® for more than 20 years, is set to launch a series of video clips for MainEventTravel.com.

Excitement is Building for WSOP’s Biggest Ever Schedule

We are just days away from the official launch of the 2023 World Series of Poker on May 30, excitement is building about the schedule – the WSOP’s biggest ever with a record 95 bracelets up for grabs.

GUKPT gets underway today in Luton!

The GUKPT tour – now in its 17th season – typically visits Luton twice a year and this first edition is taking place starting today, May 25 with Day1A of the 25/50, and runs through to June 4 when the Final Day of the GUKPT Main Event and GUKPT Cup take place.

Las Vegas – This Summer’s Tournament Lowdown!

The World Series of Poker dominates poker headlines to such a degree that it’s easy to forget just how many other festivals take place in Vegas over the Summer. The WSOP is certainly the biggest series and this year is set to host a record 95 different live tournaments but it would be a mistake to ignore the other exciting schedules on offer.

Tony Isaac wins WPT500 prize package worth £800 in MainEventTravel promotion

Congrats to Tony Isaac who has won himself a WPT500 prize package worth £800 after success in today’s draw! Isaac’s £800 prize comprises the £560 entry into the Main Event plus a £240 hotel credit from MainEventTravel.com.

PokerStars announces UKIPT dates for 2023

PokerStars has announced the rest of this year’s UKIPT schedule with stops lined up for Blackpool, Brighton, London, Edinburgh and Nottingham. It’s the biggest UKIPT schedule since 2016

Win a WPT500 Main Event Package worth £800 and head to DTD this month!

The return of the WPT500 at Dusk Till Dawn in a fortnight is causing a lot of excitement! It’s been seven years since this prestigious festival was held at the Nottingham casino and players are starting to get very buoyed up about the £500,000 guaranteed Main Event.

MainEventTravel joins forces with Dusk Till Dawn

MainEventTravel.com is delighted to announce that it is now the Official Travel Partner of the UK’s celebrated Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham.

April 2023

Time to book GUKPT Edinburgh

The GUKPT is heading north soon for its annual jaunt to Edinburgh. The festival is Leg 4 of this year’s 17th GUKPT season and gets underway next week with an action-packed £150 + 30 + 150 Mystery Bounty event. The £1,000 buy-in GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event starts on May 11.

Mark Patrick & Jimi Sotimehin win Aspers Spring Fest Packages worth a total of £1,500

Mark Patrick from Northmaptonshire has won two incredible prize packages, one for his mate Jimi Sotimehin of London and one for himself thanks to an Aspers Spring Festival Package Promotion run by MainEventTravel.com.

Grosvenor releases GUKPT Luton Schedule

Grosvenor has released the schedule for the first GUKPT Luton of the year which is taking place from May 25 to June 4.

Sunil Mistri Wins the Mega Series Main Event

Sunil Mistri was the star of the Mega Series at Lola’s Underground Casino located on the bottom floor of the PokerStars at the Hippodrome Casino after he defeated Dost Ghrabie head-up to win the Mega Series £1,100 Main Event title for £32,825 top prize.

888poker LIVE London is in full swing

888poker LIVE London is in full swing for its second visit to the UK capital this year. The 888poker LIVE London festival runs now through April 24 with a feast of tournaments at the Poker Room in famous London’s Grosvenor Victoria casino.

Aspers Casino Stratford planning a great Spring Festival

After a record-breaking Winter Festival event, Aspers Casino Stratford in London has an even bigger schedule on offer at the upcoming Spring Poker Fest. The Main Event comes with a £150,000 guaranteed prize pool and the schedule also features 17 other tournaments.

Celebrate Spring – and win a pair of Aspers Spring Festival Poker Packages worth a total of £1,500 for a mate and yourself

With the promise of sunshine just around the corner, this is a great time of year to put a Spring in your step and spread the feel-good feeling to a friend as well.

Irish Open 2023 side events round-up

There were 36 different tournaments during the Irish Open 2023 festival – often filling the spectacular Main Hall at the RDS to capacity and providing some very chunky prize pools for players. Nearly all the side events held this year broke records. 

Docherty wins record-breaking 2023 Irish Open Main Event

The 2023 Irish Open Main Event – the biggest poker tournament ever held in Ireland — ended Monday evening with young Scottish pro David Docherty taking home a first prize of €365,000.

Hippodrome's Mega Series Kicks Off this Thursday April 13

We are 2 days away from the Hippodrome Casino’s next Mega Series festival running April 13 – 16 in the heart of London. With a £1,100 buy-in Main Event and several other events on the schedule, the festival promises a feast of exciting poker action in the UK capital.

Congrats to Colleen Wong – winner of the £700 Hippodrome Mystery Bounty package!

Massive congrats to Colleen Wong who has won a prize package valued at £700 to compete in the Mystery Bounty event at the forthcoming Hippodrome Casino Mega Series.

Grab your chance to win a Mega Series Mystery Bounty package worth £700!

MainEventTravel.com is thrilled to be joining forces with the Hippodrome once again to launch another added value opportunity – a fantastic Mega Series Mystery Bounty Package Giveaway promotion valued at £700. 

Guide to the Irish Open at the RDS

The Irish Open is in full swing at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) – a spectacular new venue in the Ballsbridge area of Dublin. The festival is running April 3-10 with the €1 million guaranteed Main Event starting on Wednesday, April 5.

Spring fun at Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn has an exciting roster of tournaments and festivals throughout April and May, including the upcoming £500,000 guarantee WPT500.

March 2023

Want tournament action this summer? Malta has it all this year!

Malta is set to be an unmissable destination this summer with a string of incredible poker festivals taking place from the end of April through to mid-July. Major events like the Malta Poker Festival, The Festival, Battle of Malta and Pokerstars Summer Festival are all on the schedule making 2023 the most exciting tournament year that Malta has ever had.

Enjoying the craic at the Irish Open

Enjoying the “craic” at the Irish Open is almost as important as playing poker – and joining in all the fun and games is part of what makes the event so special.

Irish Open highlights for 2023: The Hendon Mob Championship

One of players’ favourite events on the Irish Open calendar is The Hendon Mob Championship, a one-day, €250 buy-in Hold’em tournament which gets underway at 4pm on April 4.

Congrats to GUKPT Blackpool champion Lin Chen

Massive congrats to Lin Chen who has just taken down the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event for £65,310. It was a chop for the final three with runner-up Greg King from Ireland snagging £57,855 and third-placed Peter Charalambous winning £53,915.

Here, there and everywhere – the cosmopolitan mix of the Irish Open

Players from all over the world will be flocking to Dublin next month to take part in the Irish Open. The annual festival – which is taking place this year from April 3 to 10 at the Royal Dublin Society – is an annual trip that most regulars wouldn’t dream of missing.

Poker Power Aims to Empower Women Through Poker at the Malta Poker Festival

The MPF will kick off a hotbed of poker activity on the majestic island of Malta at Portomaso Casino on April 24 to May 1, including an opportunity for women that desire to play poker or want to improve their poker skills, as Poker Power make their way to the Malta Poker Festival (MPF) next month.

Discounted Irish Open rates at the 4* Clayton Ballsbridge

As the Official Travel Partner of the Irish Open, MainEventTravel.com always aims to secure fantastic deals for players and has negotiated hugely discounted room rates at the Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge.

The 2023 Irish Open schedule – something for everyone!

This year's Irish Open schedule has something for everyone with nearly 40 events.

Talica heading to Irish Open after winning €2,200 MainEventTravel competition

Nottinghamshire poker player Alexandru Talica will be making his first-ever trip to Ireland next month after winning the Irish Open & MainEventTravel’s “Luck of the Irish” competition and snagging a €2,200 Irish Open Main Event prize package. 

Chris Read Shares Excitement About Hosting MPF Ladies First!

The Malta Poker Festival (MPF) is just a month away from its fabulous return at the Portomaso Casino from April 24 to May 1. The €300,000 guaranteed MPF €550 Grand Event is easily the festival’s highlight. However, players will also be traveling for the dozens of side events including the €150 Ladies First! on Saturday, April 29.

Irish Open 2023 highlights: The €350 buy-in Heads-Up tournament

The Irish Open schedule is chock-full of exciting tournaments including 11 prestigious, trophy-awarding Championship events. One of those that invariably sells out is the Heads-Up tournament which is capped at 64 players.

Something for Everyone at the Malta Poker Festival

If you are looking for the perfect poker holiday, look no further as not only does Malta provide perfect weather in the Spring but the Malta Poker Festival also provides plenty of poker and parties to make MPF one you will always remember.

PokerStars Team Pro Fintan Hand heading to 2023 Irish Open

Irish PokerStars Ambassador Fintan "EasyWithAces" Hand will be competing at this year’s Irish Open.

Irish Open 2023 highlights: The Liam Flood Memorial

Since 2015, the Liam Flood Memorial tournament has been one of the key Championship tournaments on the Irish Open schedule. The tournament – which is always a six-max and always a turbo – is a lively affair and a favourite with players who appreciate the chance to remember the former Irish Open organiser and poker legend in an annual event.

Irish Open 2023 highlights: The €250 buy-in Ladies Event

The Ladies event is a regular fixture on the Irish Open schedule and always attracts a lot of interest. For some women, it’s a chance to try out live poker for the first time, for others it’s a chance to catch up with old mates.

Goliath Main Event dates released – bag your hotel room now!

Grosvenor has just announced dates for this year’s Goliath Main Event, fuelling a flurry of activity on MainEventTravel.com as people rush to book accommodation near the Coventry Building Society Arena.

GUKPT Blackpool & the eagerly-awaited Kav Cup!

Following the stonking success of the debut UK Poker Open – which created a record Main Event prize pool of nearly £1.5 million last week – Grosvenor fans are very buoyed up for the next Grosvenor event in Blackpool.

Have you got ‘The Luck of the Irish’? Try your hand at winning a €2,200 Irish Open Main Event package with MainEventTravel.com!

MainEventTravel has teamed up with the Irish Open in a special St. Paddy’s Day promotion to give one serendipitous player the chance to win a €2,200 package for next month’s €1 million guaranteed Main Event.

Man Moc wins biggest ever Grosvenor tournament: the first ever UK Poker Open Main Event

The UK Poker Open has made a spectacular debut with a £1,500 buy-in Main Event that attracted more than a thousand entries and created the biggest prize pool in Grosvenor poker history.

MainEventTravel.com Announced as the Official Travel Partner of the Malta Poker Festival

Get ready to head to sunny Malta in style with the Malta Poker Festival returning to the luxurious Portomaso Casino from April 24 to May 1.

February 2023

Irish Open 2023 highlights: High Rollers

A veritable feast of High Roller action is on the schedule at this year’s Irish Poker Open in Dublin. The packed calendar features both a €5k tournament on April 4 and a €3k event four days later.

Northern Europe's largest festival kicks off this weekend - Kings of Tallinn

The largest festival in Northern Europe kicks off this weekend with the Kings of Tallinn making its triumphant return to the luxurious Olympic Park Casino and the adjoining world-class Hilton Tallinn Park from Feb. 23 to March 5.

The UK Poker Open kicks off on Friday 24 February!

The £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Open festival gets underway in Coventry in just over one week!

WSOP-C returns to Dusk Till Dawn in March

After a four-year hiatus, the WSOP International Circuit will be back in the UK next month with a festival at the celebrated Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham.

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It’s an oft-quoted aphorism that true happiness is planning a trip to somewhere new, with someone you love. But whether you’re loved up this Valentine’s Day or not, MainEventTravel and Luxon Pay are making a fabulous trip away even more affordable with a very special travel offer.

Cal Morreale wins GUKPT Manchester; up next UK Poker Open

GUKPT regular Cal Morreale has won the Main Event at the second leg of this year’s GUKPT in Manchester.

Triumphant Return for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at Baha Mar

After a three-year hiatus, PokerStars’ sun-drenched flagship festival, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, was resurrected in the brand new setting of Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas.

Book now for the £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Open

The countdown is on with just over two weeks to go before the £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Open festival gets underway in Coventry on February 24 with Event 1. 

Aspers Winter Festival smashes Main Event records again

The Aspers Stratford Winter Festival has smashed records once again with a £212,140 prize pool for the Main Event.

One to watch at the Irish Open: Barny Boatman

Barny Boatman has only missed one Irish Open in the last 22 years. Apart from a time when he was living in Madrid and couldn’t get a flight, the legendary Londoner and former Hendon Mobster has played every single live Irish Open Main Event since 2000.

The Festival makes UK debut at Dusk Till Dawn next week

Yay to this one! The Festival is taking place in the UK for the very first time with a great event at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham starting February 12.

GUKPT Manchester is underway

Leg 2 of this year’s GUKPT tournament line-up is up and running with a 10-day live event in Manchester.

January 2023

Steve O’Dwyer to defend title at Irish Open 2023

Legendary poker player and 2022 Irish Open champion Steve O’Dwyer will be competing at this year’s tournament to defend his Main Event title.

Bag your room now for the inaugural £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Open

There is a month to go before the inaugural UK Poker Open festival which gets underway in Coventry with the first satellite from February 19. The Main Event – known as the UK Open – starts March 1 and comes with a £1 million guaranteed prize pool.

The Aspers Winter Poker Fest is just a few days away

Aspers Winter Poker Fest is taking place from January 24 to February 5 at the celebrated Stratford Casino and features a ton of satellites along with the £600 buy-in Main Event, £1,250 High Roller, Progressive Bounty, 4/5/6 PLO event and a £150 + £150 + £40 Mystery Bounty tournament.

Canadians’ annual migration – off to the Irish Poker Open in Dublin

Every year hundreds of Canadians make their way to Dublin to compete in the Irish Poker Open. It’s an annual migration that many of them wouldn’t miss for the world – and they rank the event their favourite overseas tournament.

MET teams up with Aspers Casino Stratford for Winter Fest Warm Up Package giveaway

MainEventTravel has teamed up with Aspers Casino Stratford to give one lucky player the chance to win a £500 package for the forthcoming Winter Fest Warm Up event.

Countdown on for 888poker LIVE’s first UK event of 2023

888poker LIVE hits London next month with the first of a series of events it’s hosting at the Poker Room at the Victoria Casino.

Beat the January Blues with MainEventTravel and Luxon Pay

Nothing helps you beat the January Blues more than planning your next holiday! Whether you’re jetting off to the Bahamas for winter sun, heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas, soaking in spring in Malta or just planning your next city break, we’re here to help make your next trip even more enticing with a fab travel offer.

How the Hendon Mob set up the world’s first poker tournament live stream at the 2003 Irish Open

For Hendon Mob co-founder Joe Beevers, the Irish Poker Open is not only his favourite tournament of the year, it’s also his favourite victory. Joe has won more than $2.5 million in live poker tournaments over the years but it’s his win in Dublin back in 2003 that means the most to him.

888poker LIVE Madrid kicks off next week

There is just over a week to go before 888poker LIVE kicks off its 2023 tour with a trip to Madrid. 888poker LIVE has announced a total of five events in Europe this year, starting with the 11-day 888poker LIVE Madrid festival at Casino Gran Madrid.

Over £900k guaranteed UK Poker Championships starts this weekend

There are only a few days to go before the start of the United Kingdom Poker Championships (UKPC) at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham.

December 2022

Grosvenor releases schedule for new £1 million guaranteed UK Poker Open

Grosvenor Poker has released the schedule for its new UK Poker Open event which is taking place in Coventry starting February 19. The £1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event – known as the UK Open – starts on March 1 and has a £1,500 buy-in with five different starting flights.

Dan Bedson wins GUKPT Grand Final 2022

The GUKPT Grand Final has wrapped up at the Poker Room in London’s iconic Grosvenor Victoria Casino with PLO cash game player Dan Bedson scooping the top prize of £105,000.

Congrats to Matt Davenport, Grosvenor Player of the Year

After a spectacular year demonstrating incredible consistency and poker acumen, Matt Davenport has won the prestigious Grosvenor Player of the Year contest and a three-year sponsorship deal with Grosvenor worth £40,000.

888poker LIVE announces dates for 2023

888poker LIVE has announced dates for six festivals taking place across Europe next year, kicking off with the 11-day 888poker LIVE Madrid event at the stunning Casino Gran Madrid. The tour will also have events in London, Barcelona and Bucharest in Romania.

Chris Dowling becomes first Irish Poker Open ambassador

Irish poker player Chris Dowling has become the Irish Poker Open’s first Ambassador. His role will be to raise awareness of the Irish Poker Open in Ireland and overseas, and help promote the event to players, especially those yet to try out the Dublin festival.

MainEventTravel partners with Luxon Pay for easy hotel and flight booking

MainEventTravel.com has teamed up with Luxon Pay, the fast-growing e-wallet payment app, to make it easier than ever before for players to book their poker trips online.

November 2022

Pearn foiled in back-to-back bid at Hippodrome Mega Series

Scottish player Tom Pearn was foiled in his bid to win back-to-back Mega Series titles at the Hippodrome Casino last week. The Mega Series defending champion carved his way through a record field of 203 entries but was eventually defeated heads-up by Yuval Rosenberg.

Aspers Autumn Festival breaks Main Event records

Steven Spivack (pictured) has won the Main Event at Asper’s Casino Stratford in London for a bumper prize of £35,318. Spivack did a heads-up deal with Eastbourne player Chris Dirsin, with the pair splitting the remaining prize pool and playing it out for the coveted Main Event champion’s title and trophy.

PokerStars and Paddy Power to Sponsor Irish Poker Open

PokerStars and Paddy Power today announced they are joining forces to sponsor next year’s Irish Poker Open which is being held at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge, Dublin from April 3 -10, 2023.

Countdown to the Hippodrome Mega Series starting November 16

The countdown is on for the Hippodrome Casino’s annual Mega Series festival which kicks off in just two weeks. With a £125,000 guaranteed Main Event, the festival promises to bring Autumnal cheer to the heart of London’s West End with a schedule packed with exciting poker tournaments.

October 2022

The Irish Poker Open’s illustrious past

Thousands of poker players from all over the world will be making their annual pilgrimage to Dublin next April to take part in the Irish Poker Open. The €1 million guaranteed event – which is taking place at the Royal Dublin Society from April 3 to April 10 next year ­– is considered an absolute must on the international poker calendar and always attracts a stellar crowd.

Blackpool beckons for GUKPT fans

For many GUKPT enthusiasts, the forthcoming festival in Blackpool is their favourite event of the year. Located at Grosvenor Casino Blackpool, the 10-day festival is a calendar highlight and the last chance to win big on the tour before December’s Grand Final in London.

October’s Battle of Malta notches up more than €3.5 million in prize money –  with over 12,400 festival entries!

The stats are in – and it’s clear that October’s Battle of Malta was one of the biggest yet! The festival as a whole attracted a total of 12,438 entries, creating an overall prize pool of €3,581,415.

Why fans of deep stack poker flock to the Venetian!

If you’re a deep stack poker enthusiast then there’s no better place to head for in Vegas than the Venetian. The sumptuous Italian-style casino located right on the Strip has been a mecca for deep stack players for more than 15 years and, as usual, has furnished 2022 with a virtually non-stop offering of deep stack events.

Autumn Fest Warm Up Event £500 Package Giveaway

MainEventTravel.com announce a £500 value package giveaway promotion with Aspers Casino Stratford to kick off the Autumn Festival starting next week!

Jamie Le wins GUKPT Luton for £96,630

Jamie Le won a fiercely-contested battle in Luton on Sunday night to become the latest GUKPT champion. Along with his trophy, the father-of-two from Birmingham has snagged a giant cash prize of £96,630 in the £1,100 buy-in event after beating a 353-entry field.

Aspers Casino Stratford releases bumper schedule for Autumn Festival

Aspers Casino Stratford in London kicks off Autumn Fest next week with a packed schedule including a £120,000 guaranteed Main Event as well as 15 other tournaments.

International Poker Open partners with Unibet in Dublin from October 26-31

The hugely popular International Poker Open is back again later this month with a six-day festival at Dublin’s Bonnington Hotel from October 26-31.

GUKPT Luton starts Thursday

The second GUKPT Luton of the year gets underway at the Grosvenor Casino on Thursday with a packed schedule of tournaments planned for the ten-day festival.

Welcome to the Battle of Malta

The second Battle of Malta of 2022 kicks off tomorrow (October 4) in the lively seaside resort of St Julian’s. Thousands of players are expected to take part in the tenth­-anniversary edition with record numbers predicted for the flagship €1 million guaranteed Main Event.

September 2022

888 heads back to Madrid in November

888 will be joining forces with Spain’s popular Circuito Nacional de Poker once again in November with an 11-day festival in Madrid featuring two Main Events and 14 other tournaments.

The full low down on the BOM Main Event structure

A generous starting stack, unlimited re-entries and a Big Blind Ante from Level 2 are just some of the features of next month’s €1 million guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event.

Laura Cornelius returns as the “face” of Battle of Malta

Event host Laura Cornelius is returning to her role as the “face” of the Battle of Malta for next month’s tournament. The former PokerNews presenter will play a leading role at the festival – introducing the action in the Eden Arena each day as well interviewing players, chatting to event winners, and reporting on all the fun and excitement at Battle of Malta’s tenth anniversary celebrations.  

Countdown to EPT London!

British players are not the only poker fans who are thrilled by the return of next month’s EPT festival in London. After a break of nearly seven years, the popular event will be attracting players from all over the world to its new home at the spectacular Park Lane Hilton.

Irish Poker Open partners with MainEventTravel.com at new venue for 2023

The Irish Open is headed to pastures new for 2023 and an exclusive partnership with MainEventTravel.com will be providing players with special rates at three different hotels close to the new venue.

GUKPT Leeds kicks off next week!

One of the most exciting festivals on the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour kicks off next week with the ever-popular GUKPT Leeds. The eagerly-awaited event, which runs from September 22 to October 2, is the first GUKPT since the record-breaking Goliath took place in Coventry a few weeks ago.

Battle of Malta – the perfect poker destination for sun-loving Brits

The Battle of Malta is a perfect destination for British poker players, combining both a superb poker experience with the chance to enjoy a really great holiday resort.

Be at the heart of the action! Stay at the 5* Intercontinental Hotel for October’s Battle of Malta

MainEventTravel has some great special offers for October’s Battle of Malta giving players the chance to stay at the luxurious 5* Intercontinental Hotel right where the festival is being held.

DTD Hall of Famer Wadey Ashraf wins a $30k PSPC Platinum Pass

Dusk till Dawn star Wadey Ashraf has won a Platinum Pass worth $30k to next January’s PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship in the Bahamas. Ashraf scooped his massive prize after taking down the Road to PSPC event held at the Nottingham card room last weekend.

Excitement builds for Hippodrome’s Super Super Series

Excitement is building for the Hippodrome Casino’s “Super Super Series” which is being held at the celebrated central London venue next week.

August 2022

The Festival heads back to Bratislava in October

The third live edition of The Festival is taking place in the Slovak capital of Bratislava this October. The Festival is a hugely entertaining, week-long event which offers players the chance to compete in a €500,000 guarantee Main Event. some two dozen other poker tournaments, plus a whole lot more besides.

How to snag your Goliath merch – and other useful information!!

If you're heading to Goliath X – and especially if it’s your first time – it’s worth reading the info below to help you get a handle on Europe’s largest live poker tournament!

Massive guarantee for Battle of Malta Ladies Event

Casino Malta has put a massive guarantee on the Ladies Event when Battle of Malta celebrates its tenth anniversary in October. For the first time, there will be a €25,000 guaranteed prize pool in the Ladies Event.

New WPT event - WPT Prime - heads to Madrid

The WPT has added a whole new tour to its live tournament offer this year with the launch of WPT Prime. WPT Prime made its debut with festivals in Vietnam and Australia and its most recent event in Cambodia – a 12-day event in the spectacular Nagaworld resort casino in Phnom Penh – was a resounding success featuring more than 20 different tournaments.

Unibet Poker Belgian Championship starts next week

The Unibet Poker Belgian Championship is back next week in the lovely seaside resort of Blankenberge. The popular festival will run from August 31 to September 4 at Unibet Casino Blankenberge and features a €550 buy-in Main Event as well as multiple satellites, a two-day Mystery Bounty Event, #QueenRules Ladies Event and several No Limit Hold’em turbo tournaments.

EPT Barcelona champion wins nearly €1.5 million; EPT London up next!

Italian player Giuliano Bendinelli defeated a record-breaking field of 2,294 entries in the EPT Barcelona Main Event on Sunday to win a gigantic first prize of €1,491,133. It was an incredible comeback for the 31-year-old, who had been down to just one big blind on the final table with six players remaining.

Packed schedule at forthcoming Battle of Malta

The full schedule for the October edition of the Battle of Malta has now been released and it’s pretty spectacular.  The popular festival features a total of 37 different tournaments at the InterContinental Conference Centre in St Julian’s and runs from October 4 to October 12.

All go at Dusk Till Dawn!

Dusk Till Dawn, the celebrated poker room in Nottingham, has a host of great events coming up over the next few months including the Road to PSPC and Grand Prix UK.

Goliath puts women in the limelight for 2022

For the first time ever, the Goliath Women’s Championship will be a two-day event giving all those who make the final the chance to relax before competing again PLUS Day 2 of the event will be the TV feature table on the live stream – making sure women really take centre stage.

Maxwell takes down UKIPT Nottingham + EPT news

British cash game pro Adam Maxwell has won nearly £100,000 after taking down PokerStars’ UKIPT Nottingham Main Event in his home town. There were a total of 582 entries in the £1,100 buy-in Main Event, creating a guarantee-busting prize pool of £564,540.

July 2022

UKIPT Nottingham kicks off this Saturday

The UKIPT will be continuing its hugely successful revival this year with a massive 9-day festival starting on Saturday, July 23 at Dusk Till Dawn, the UK’s largest poker room.  

May 2022

Farrell wins UKIPT Dublin – with a hangover

Scottish pro Niall Farrell has netted his first UKIPT trophy after taking down the €1,100 Dublin Main Event on Sunday for €54,940.

Vegas – this summer’s tournament lowdown!

The World Series of Poker grabs so many of the poker headlines that you might be forgiven for thinking it’s the only thing that happens in Vegas all summer. However, several other venues also offer exciting tournament schedules including the Aria, the Venetian, the Golden Nugget, the Wynn, MGM Grand and the Orleans.

February 2022

Two great PokerStars London Series events set for mid-February and March at The Hippodrome

London’s celebrated Hippodrome Casino is gearing up for a busy few months with two great PokerStars-branded tournaments lined up in February and March. 

MainEventTravel.com partnering Casino Malta for two Battle of Malta festivals in 2022

For the first time ever, Casino Malta will be hosting two Battle of Malta festivals this year with the first event in April, followed by a second in the Autumn.

December 2018

Epic year for Main Event Travel

2018 was certainly one of the most exciting years that Main Event Travel has experienced since its launch in 2011 – with new clients, new events and fantastic new functionality on our amazing one-stop-shop website.

November 2018

Caribbean Party Poker hotel bargains up for grabs!

partypoker LIVE have made some fantastic Caribbean Poker Party hotel rooms available to all MainEventTravel customers so if you want to save some money while staying in the lap of luxury and super close to the tournament venue, now’s your chance.

Battle of Malta celebrates new champion & biggest Malta poker tournament ever

With a €1m guarantee for the flagship Main Event, Battle of Malta 2018 certainly set a high bar for success! But the giant 3,816-entry field for the Main Event and 13,000 tournament entries overall made this year’s Battle of Malta a spectacular success. If you were there, we hope you had fun! If you weren't, well you know what to do next year!!!

October 2018

MainEventTravel stalwart Mad Harper braves Battle of Malta SOBER to raise money for MacMillan

Mad Harper, MainEventTravel's content writer, is doing Dry October to raise money for MacMillan. We thought staying sober for a month wasn't tough enough - so we've brought her out to Battle of Malta where the beer is flowing and there's a party every 20 minutes ...

April 2018

Need cash in Vegas this summer? Check out our Dollar Delivery service

No one wants to travel with wads of cash to Vegas and trying to transfer or exchange money once you’re there can be a real headache. MainEventTravel takes away the hassle with a bespoke, personal, on-site Dollar Delivery service.

New: Malta travel guide

Don't miss our comprehensive new travel guide to Malta. We have the full low-down on all the best places to visit, eat, drink and party – as well as when and where to play poker. With great events coming up in Malta like the Unibet Open, Unibet Deepstack Open and the Battle of Malta, now is the perfect time to start planning your trip to this beautiful Mediterranean island.

What's on in May

May has a bunch of poker events around the world including 888Live Barcelona, Unibet Open in Malta, Grosvenor Casino’s Goliath in Coventry, SuperStack and WPTs – and that’s before the World Series of Poker gets under way at the end of the month. Don't forget ! you can now book flights online at MainEventTravel.com as well as your accommodation.

Poker in Malta

Malta is a near perfect destination for a poker holiday – for starters, there’s lots of poker but there are also tons of other things to do. Whether it’s strolling around the gorgeous capital city of Valletta, clubbing all night in Paceville or chilling out at Golden Bay beach, Malta really does have something for everyone.

MainEventTravel’s Vegas Guide: The LINQ Promenade

Of all the many attractions that have opened in Vegas in recent years, the LINQ Promenade has proved one of the most successful: an appealing, tree-lined open-air pedestrian walkway featuring tons of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions.

March 2018

Sightseeing in Macau

Macau has all the glitter and glamour of Las Vegas but combines the high-rise glitz of the Cotai Strip with a rich culture and history going back hundreds of years. Macau was the first European settlement in the Far East and a Portuguese colony for over 300 years.

June 2017

What’s on in July

It’s not all about the WSOP! If you don’t fancy Vegas, there are still several great poker events going on elsewhere in July

We have a cash! MET Vegas round-up

MainEventTravel CEO Fraser MacIntyre is on a roll at the WSOP! After finishing 237th out of a staggering 7,761 entries in the Millionaire Maker for $6,043, our hero is now on Day 2 in yet another event – the £1k Pot Limit Omaha!

May 2017

Congrats Fraser! Runner-up in 888Live Barcelona High Roller

MainEventTravel CEO Fraser MacIntyre is runner-up in the 888Live Make It Big Festival €2,200 High Roller in Barcelona. We're the Official Travel Partner for the festival and, if you fancy some sun, there’s still lots of time to enter the €500k guaranteed Main Event. Day 1b today at 6pm; 1c on Saturday at 3pm.

Fraser MacIntyre in top five in 888Live Barcelona High Roller

MainEventTravel.com’s Fraser MacIntyre is fourth in chips after bagging up 426,000 at the end of Day 1 of the 888Live Make It Big Festival €2,200 High Roller. Play resumes 5pm local time. MainEventTravel is 888Live’s Official Travel Partner for the festival offering great hotel deals in Barcelona.

April 2017

Celebrate the holiday weekend with tons of live poker

With the promise of the first bank holiday of the summer, there’s plenty of poker action this weekend all over Europe – and in Canada!

Countdown to 888Live Make It Big Festival in Barcelona

It's just over two weeks until the debut 888Live Make It Big Festival in Barcelona: 12 days of non-stop poker from May 11-22 and total guaranteed prize pool of over €700,000. We're the Official Travel Partner

December 2016

Heading east for the first WPT National Cambodia event

There’s a novel new stop from the WPT next year with the inaugural WPT National Cambodia in January.

Exotic destinations for January!

January is always an exciting month for poker players with two major destinations on offer plus a host of other exciting stops. The flagship events next month are the PokerStars Championship Bahamas from January 6-14 and the Aussie Millions from Jan 11 to 30.

October 2016

Less Than A Week To Go Before Hippodrome Autumn Classic

There's less than a week to go before the £250 + £25 Autumn Classic kicks off at The Hippodrome Casino in London.

Penultimate EPT Features 84-Event Schedule in Malta

The European Poker Tour will be heading to Malta for its penultimate event this month

November 9 Special Offer

Book your November Nine accommodation through Main Event Travel and we’ll give you a whopping 9% discount on the cost of your hotel.

Cash Game Festival Heads to Tallinn

Cash Game Festival is heading back to the city where it all got started – beautiful Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Grand Prix Poker Tour Heads Home to Nottingham

The Grand Prix Poker Tour is heading home to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham

888Poker London Festival

888poker will be launching its first 888Live Festival in London this month with an 11-day event running October 13-23 at Aspers Casino.

August 2016

PokerStars announces global Championship and Festival events

Today, PokerStars announced that beginning in 2017, its global live events will fall under one of two tours, the PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival.

February 2016

WSOP Announce 2016 Schedule

Non-stop poker action returns to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from May 31 to July 18, 2016 as the 47th running of the poker's longest-running tournament series returns for its annual summer pilgrimage.

MainEventTravel.com & FiDPA Launch FiDPA Travel

MainEventTravel and FIDPA are delighted to announce the launch of FIDPA Travel

November 2015

Dale Garrad leaves MainEventTravel.com

Dale Garrad leaves MainEventTravel.com

October 2015

Bob Dylan Sang About It, People Are Scared of It

With the announcement of the GPL, we wonder why people are not always happy with new ideas.

September 2015

MainEventTravel.com News - Steve Warburton

2nd place in EPT Barcelona while proudly wearing the MET logo

August 2015

MainEventTravel.com News

MET announce Simon Deadman as brand ambassador

June 2015

MainEventTravel Launch WPT Travel

MainEventTravel.com are proud to announce the launch of a new website and partnership with the World Poker Tour (WPT)

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