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Monday 8th January, 2024

Bars and Clubs in Malta

By Mad Harper

There’s certainly no shortage of places to drink and dance in Malta; from cosy family-run wine bars to giant nightclubs, Malta has it all. Highly recommended is Café del Mar where you can enjoy a fab day lazing by the pool in the sun before hotting it up in the evening with top DJs mixing it up.

The ubiquitous Hugo’s brand offers numerous places to eat and drink so don’t miss Hugo’s Lounge, Hugo’s Passion, Hugo’s Pub, Hugo's Bacco and Hugo’s Terrace.

Corks Irish bar is one of the top hang out spots for poker players when tournaments are on. It’s located right on the promenade in St Julian’s and has an outstanding selection of drinks and great cocktails as well as live sports – including coverage of all the summer’s GAA action, football (English Premiership, Champions League, Internationals, La Liga, SPL), rugby (European Cup, Internationals), golf, boxing and all other major sporting events. There’s also live music, karaoke nights and a pool table. It’s a gorgeous little bar with very quirky Prohibition-style interior, definitely the place to enjoy the craic while you’re in Malta!

The Thirsty Barber was the first Prohibition-style bar in Malta and it still has a great vibe – as well as some of the best cocktails on the island. The bar boasts a unique cocktail list, developed by a team of top mixologists, with a wide choice of Prohibition-era cocktails, martinis and champagne cocktails, some of which are also to share.

The Dubliner is another great Irish bar in St Julian’s which first opened in 2004. It’s a cosy, welcoming Irish pub – with professionally served Guinness of course – along with a great restaurant offering a choice of snacks, pub-grub and a fine selection of main courses.

Native Bar and Diner is in St. Julians is open pretty much all day and night. During the day, enjoy background music and the chance to watch live sports, and stay on as the bar switches gear in the evenings and the salsa vibe kicks in. Dance the night away to Latino and Reggaeton; it’s a great atmosphere with fun guaranteed.

Cafe del Mar is a glamorous beach club offering a bar, restaurant & pool with DJ music – plus outstanding sea and sunset views. You can spend all day here chilling out on sunbeds by the pool before picking up the pace with DJs and live music in the evenings. Café del Mar attracts world-class DJs and hosts some great festivals including the Lost and Found in May and Earth Garden at the beginning of June.

Aria Complex, located on the outskirts of Malta's throbbing nightlife scene in St Julian’s, attracts a wide mix of clubbers with different music events, live concerts and top DJs. From summer day parties by the pool to wintery club nights inside, Aria Complex provides a truly unforgettable experience for all seasons.

Gianpula is near Rabat in the valley below Malta's old capital Mdina. With both indoor and outdoor nightclubs, the club is open year-round. Gianpula is sited in an old farmhouse with large grounds and has served as one of Malta's foremost nightclubs for the last 40+ years. Surrounded by a garden and complete with a swimming pool, seven bars and a state of the art sound and lighting system, this a great venue. The Terrace overlooks the whole club and is particularly popular in the summer when it serves as the club VIP area. Gianpula has hosted the world’s top DJs including Tiesto, Sasha, Erick Morillo, Nick Warren and Roger Sanchez. A taxi pick-up and drop-off point are available in the Gianpula Village car park.

Other good nightspots include Twenty Two, Footloose Fun Bar, Fuego Salsa Bar and So City Club.

What's Hot in Malta


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