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Monday 1st January, 2024

Main Event Travel's Vegas Guide: The Linq Promenade

By Mad Harper

Of all the many newish attractions in Vegas, the Caesars-owned LINQ Promenade has proved one of the most successful: an appealing, tree-lined open-air pedestrian walkway featuring tons of shops, restaurants, bars and attractions.

Situated between the Linq hotel and the Flamingo Casino, the Linq Promenade first opened in 2014 and has become a very useful addition for those seeking things to do in Las Vegas that are non-Casino related. LINQ Promenade is now a must for any visitor and a great place to direct your friends and family if you’re running deep in a poker game somewhere!

If you're staying on the Strip, LINQ Promenade is conveniently close – and guests at the Flamingo or The LINQ Hotel can just head straight out onto the walkway.

The highlight of the LINQ Promenade – and certainly its most visible feature – is the High Roller, a 550-foot Ferris wheel which is the tallest in the world and provides 360-degree views of the whole city. But even if you’re not planning on taking a ride, the Linq Promenade is a great place to just wander around: taking in the atmosphere, grabbing a bite to eat, heading to some fantastic shops, and enjoying the open air.


The High Roller

Soaring 550 feet above the centre of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller wheel is the biggest in the world, eclipsing both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Offering stunning 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Valley and The Strip, each ride takes 30 minutes. There are 28 large air-conditioned cabins with several designated as High Roller “Happy Hour”. For only slightly more than the cost of a regular ticket, a Happy Half Hour ticket entitles you to a 30-minute rotation with an in-cabin open bar and bartender serving you as many drinks as you can manage! Do note that guests must be 21 or older.

The High Roller also offers (of course - this is Vegas!) the ultimate in romantic experience: Sky High Weddings. You can take your special day to new heights by booking your wedding on the High Roller for a truly memorable Vegas ceremony. The High Roller’s private cabins are perfect for proposals, elopements and unforgettable Las Vegas nuptials. You can also add extras such as flowers, music, photography, cinematography, and even an Elvis-costumed Minister to get the party started 550 feet in the air.

VR Adventures

Back down on the ground, VR Adventures at the LINQ Promenade offers a cutting edge, immersive Virtual Reality experience that plunges guests into a 3D virtual world.  If you’ve never tried VR before, VR Adventures will probably blow your mind – just put on the special goggles and be transported into a unique VR experience. Unlike other video games, VR Adventures requires gamers to use hand movements, walk, sidestep or jump to explore or fly through the virtual world.

Linq Promenade Zipline

One of the flagship attractions here is the Linq Promenade zipline experience. This is the ultimate adrenaline rush, and the only zipline located right on the Las Vegas Strip. The Fly Linq Zipline takes off from a 12-storey tower and finishes at the High Roller.


Another great attraction at the Promenade is the ICEBAR, a winter wonderland of 100 tons of custom-carved ice, complete with drinking glasses, walls, seats and sculptures made of ice. This is the one place your beer actually gets colder as you drink it.

Linq Promenade at night

One of the great things about the LINQ Promenade is that there’s tons to do at all times of the day and night. Two of the biggest night-time attractions are the Brooklyn Bowl and O’Sheas. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as “one of the most incredible places on earth", the Brooklyn Bowl combines a fantastic 2,500 capacity music venue, with six bars, a great restaurant and a 32-lane bowling alley. O'Sheas is a long-time favourite, Irish pub themed venue, now revamped for the LINQ Promenade. The 5,000 square foot bar has kept the fun and raucous atmosphere of the original O’Sheas, with the same gaming tables, beer pong tournaments and drink specials that have always made the bar so popular. There are more than 50 types of beer, table games, a lively outdoor bar and nightly entertainment at its Irish-inspired stage area with live performances – plus O’Sheas popular host Lucky the Leprechaun on hand to keep the party upbeat.


Shopping – or window-shopping – at the LINQ Promenade is a lot of fun. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll find a lot of entertaining retail here.  From the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop to Club Tattoo, from Harley Davidson to the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” outlet, there really is something for everyone. If hats are your thing _ and even if they aren’t – don’t miss a visit to the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop. Rich wood and antique fixtures highlight a vast collection of hand-crafted hats – from fedoras and flat caps to bowlers, top hats and fishermen’s berets. The Goorin Brothers Hat Shop has been going since “Breaking Bad” fans can even buy Walter White’s iconic Goorin Bros Heisenberg hat.

“Welcome to Las Vegas” is a one-stop shop for finding the perfect mementos and gifts for those back home and the Linq branch of Havaianas, the iconic Brazilian flip flops brand, stocks more than 300 different styles and colourful designs. Las Vegas Harley-Davidson preserves the iconic motorcycle brand’s heritage, while offering products that are exclusive to Las Vegas. The collection features a vintage look and fans will revel in the huge range of leather apparel, T-shirts, sunglasses, bags, gifts and Harley Davidson collectables.

Other cool stores at LINQ Promenade include Chilli Beans – a Brazilian accessory brand specialising in eyewear and watches ranging from eccentric to chic. Shoppers are encouraged to try on as many as they want with Chilli Beans offering some of the quirkiest frames in the market from vintage Hollywood cat eyeglasses to aviators. The brand releases 10 styles of its own designs each week, each made in collaboration with prestigious guest artists.

Other stores to look out for at the LINQ Promenade include the Honolulu Cookie Company which has been perfecting the recipe for shortbread cookies since 1998. Each cookie is baked daily in Honolulu, made with the finest ingredients and natural Hawaiian flavours, hand-dipped in chocolate and individually wrapped to maintain its delicious oven-fresh quality. You’re allowed to sample any cookie so go in and try some! Nectar Bath Treats offers bakery-inspired handmade soap treats that look great and leave your skin feeling amazing. These are fun, whimsical handcrafted pieces of art, made using natural, sustainable and vegan-friendly ingredients.


One venue that has attracted a lot of attention at Linq Promenade is Haute Doggery, a new take on the American hot dog stand – a 1,000-square-foot venue offering “Retro Dogs” from around the country as well as ‘Haute Specialties’ taking menu inspiration from the hugely successful Holsteins Shakes and Buns.

In-N-Out Burger barely needs any recommendation but if you haven’t sampled an In-N-Out Burger yet, you have a huge treat in store for you. These are thought be many to be the best burgers in the world – highly recommended by Main Event Travel.

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery is a favourite with Vegas regulars – and that includes the Main Event Travel team! There’s always a great atmosphere – and the prices are reasonable with a mouth-watering menu, 30+ beers and an extensive spirit selection – all served up by the pub’s famous Kilt Girls® who always ensure “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good.”®

Yard Househighly recommended by Main Event Travel – is located right at the base of the High Roller and serves innovative foods from its amazing scratch kitchen. The Yard House beer menu also has a variety of new craft, local and imported beers including the special Chalkboard Series.

The latest addition to Las Vegas’ bustling LINQ Promenade is ameriCAN which serves nearly 70 different canned beers and aims to offer a different beer from every one of the 50 U.S. states. There’s also an exciting menu of cocktails  – once you’ve sloshed your way through all the beers!

Jaburritos is another great Linq Promenade restaurant, combining Mexican and Japanese cuisines in the form of a dozen different chef-created sushi burritos.

There are plenty of other great places to drink and snack at Linq Promenade including Starbucks,  Breeze Daiquiri and Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop – with its irresistible World Famous Hot Fudge Sundaes topped with freshly homemade hot fudge. There’s also a branch of the world-famous Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips outlet so head here if you’re hankering for some traditional British grub. Ramsay’s has it all – as well as its signature fish and chips, the menu also includes bangers and mash, chicken planks and hearty seafood chowder. You also get to view the chefs in action as they prepare the made to order dishes.

Flour & Barley – Brick Oven Pizza is a traditional pizzeria eatery complete with Italian-American favourites to fit modern tastes. There’s a focus on local flavors and the restaurant also serves craft beer. Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar is an exciting Mexican dining experience combining a DJ, a mechanical bull, a vast tequila selection and blend of authentic and innovative Mexican fare. Chayo’s expansive ground-level patio is framed by lush trees and the main dining room has floor-to-ceiling glass doors to create an indoor-outdoor space.

Off The Strip is a local favourite for steaks, burgers, and brunch and has been operating since 2007. The restaurant has owned its loyal following thanks to a classic bistro and bar atmosphere, yummy comfort food, and great service. The LINQ Promenade branch offers indoor and outdoor dining, as well as three bars.

Don’t miss the critically acclaimed NYC’s Blue Ribbon restaurant, located at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, and if you’re looking for some hearty southern BBQ – and exceptional craft beer – then check out Virgil’s Real BBQ. Conveniently located right in the middle of the action, you can find Virgil’s Real BBQ just walking distance from the beautiful Bellagio fountains. Surrounded by the biggest attractions Las Vegas has to offer, pop into Virgil’s for some authentic southern barbecue food before hitting the blackjack tables at Caesars or hopping on the High Roller for the best views of the city.

Photo Credit: Las Vegas 

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